Beer & Wine

Whites by the glass

Chardonnay Mia Bea
Mendocino 2021
Chardonnay Husch
Anderson Valley 2020
Sauvignon Blanc Boeket
Cox, Mendocino 2021
Chenin Blanc
Graziano, Mendocino 2021
Pinot Blanc Girasole
Barra, Redwood Valley 2020
Frey, Redwood Valley, 2018
Moscato Entoria
Graziano, Redwood Valley, 2019
Rose COOF Fontaine
McFadden, Potter Valley 2020

Reds by the glass

Cabernet Sauvignon High Valley
Lake County 2019
Sangiovese Brutocao
Hopland Ranches, Mendocino 2018
Pinot Noir Handley Estate
Anderson Valley 2018
Zinfandel McNab Ridge
Mendocino County 2018

Bubbles by the glass

Brut Roderer Estate, Anderson Valley
Brut Rose Scharffenberger, A.V.
Cava Noir Campo Viejo, Spain

Beer bottles & cans

Left Coast Lager 16 FL. OZ.
Hare in the Forest Brewing, Potter Valley – 6%
Bunny Slope Blonde Ale 16 FL. OZ.
Hare in the Forest Brewing, Potter Valley – 6%
Tremor Light Lager
Seismic Brewing, Sebastopol – 4.2%
Farmers Light Premium Light Lager
Farmers Brewing, Princeton – 4.1%
Modelo Especial Pilsner-Style Lager
Cerveceria Modelo Brewing, Mexico – 4.4%
Bikini Blonde Blonde Lager
Maui Brewing, Hawaii – 4.4%
Boont Amber Ale
Anderson Valley Brewery, Booneville – 5.8%
Coors Light American Light Lager
Golden, Colorado - 4.2%
Pliny the Elder DIPA 17.25 FL. OZ.
Russian River Brewing, Santa Rosa – 8%
Seasonal Hard Kombucha
Booch Craft, Chula Vista – 7%
N/A Kolsch or West Coast IPA
Best Day Brewing, Nor Cal – 0.5%

Craft on Draft

*** ALL DRAFTS ARE 18.5 OZ***

The Pilsner
Anderson Valley Brewing, Boonville 5.5%
Bavarian Hefeweizen Wheat
Sudwerk Brewing, Davis 5%
Rotating IPA (Please Inquire)
Cooperage Brewing, Santa Rosa
Imperial Blueberry Cider 9/OZ.
Humboldt Cider Co. Eureka – 10%
Oyster Stout
Hen House Brewing, Santa Rosa – 4.8%
Imperial Stout, Raven’s Eye
Eel River Brewing, Fortuna - 9.5%